A Wintery Mix

Indeed. That well-characterizes life in Brooklyn of late. Snow. Sleet. Slush. Rain. Ice. Oh, yes, plenty of ice. An hour to go two miles on an MTA bus so full it’s literally groaning. Subways delayed. Classrooms broiling.

And yet, we must soldier on.

And so, with our mix of weather, a mix of news:

The semester is two weeks old now, and going very well. My classes thus far are filled with interesting and interested students. It makes the unbearable commute a little more bearable.

At home we endeavor to stay nice and warm and eat lots of things that make our bellies full and out waistlines larger. Ah well, life is compromise, is it not?

On the writing front, I have a few new sales to announce (yay!). My story The Firefly Girl will appear soon in Penumbra’s themed issue “A Night at the Villa Diodati” and my story Reversal of Fortune will be published in Fictionvale later this spring. These are the kinds of tidings that get one through the winter!

Project Awesome is inching ever-closer to completion and I’m starting to have dreams about new projects — always a sign that soon I will throw up my hands just finish the damn thing!

My birthday is coming up next week. 39. Wow. Not sure how that happened, especially since in my mind I’m still only about 29.

Also in the mix is Boskone in about two weeks, a Con I am looking forward to most heartily. Friends! Fun! Interesting panels! More snow!

And…let’s see… Yup. That’s all the news from the slushlands of Park Slope!

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