What’s that, you say?

Oh, I know, it’s TERRIBLE. I haven’t written a blog post in weeks! I am undoubtedly a bad person, or maybe at the least just a busy person. But, aren’t we all? Busy, I mean.

Anyway. I’m here now.

It has been busy. I’ve been in Seattle visiting my family for the last two weeks and it turned out to be a lot more go-go-go than I really expected. So, not much time for blog updating. Too busy living and doing and…well, eating. Yeah, did a lot of that. After all, it’s summer in the Pacific Northwest. That means raspberries and fresh carrots and peas. And beets. And chicken eggs from the coop, positively electric orange and rich. I was even lucky enough to pluck some early blackberries, plump from the sun.

I went camping at my favorite place on earth, Mount Rainier. I ate at the Willows Inn on Lummi Island (yes, more eating), possibly one of the best restaurants I’ve ever been to (and those who know me well know this is *quite* a statement). I tried kayaking for the first time, and found out it makes me spectacularly seasick. I spent a lot of time with my nieces, who are growing up so FAST. I gardened and went walking and caught up with family friends.

I also wrote. My parents house on Vashon Island is perfect for writing. My mom is a gardener, well, really she’s an artist who happens to use a garden as her palette. The place is completely amazing. Like fairy story amazing. It’s a super beautiful, zen place to sit with a laptop in the shade munching raspberries and thinking deep thoughts.

Since I’ve finally finished ABSENT and begun the scary-exciting process of submitting it to agents and editors, it’s back to PROJECT AWESOME. I had previously outlined and then drafted about 1/3 of this new novel, but after submitting it to a few workshops there were changes I wanted to make. I spent two days reworking some of the backstory and further developing the magic system. Then I revised the plot, working especially on beats and structure. Then I reworked the first 30K to reflect the changes.

Now I’m pushing forward with the rest of the draft. I’m extremely excited about it. ABSENT was a blast to write – an adventure-y romp that let me use a lot of my knowledge of academia and prehistory to tell a great story. But this book is different. It’s dark and tackles hard issues, and I think it’s the first time I’m really baring something as an author that will truly surprise people. At least, I hope so.

In any case, it’s a thrill to be diving into something new after so long revising.

August is upon us now, which means summer isn’t much longer for this world. School starts up again on August 28th. So, till then, I plan to write, write, write.

How about you?

Oh, and before I go, I wanted share this great link from Laini Taylor’s blog. She talks about how drafting a novel is like a dance between what is Known and Unknown, and she describes it beautifully…take a look.

Homeward bound

Bon Voyage, Readers! Today I’m jetting off to the lovely Pacific Northwest to spend some time with my family.


I’m looking forward to:

Lazy, sunny days at my parents’ house on Vashon Island

Long walks with the family puppy

Hanging out with my two adorable nieces

Spending a few days eating, hiking, and kayaking on Lummi Island

Camping and hiking at Mount Rainier

And, of course, sneaking in writing time whenever possible

This trip is good timing, as I think I’ve finally got my query letter and synopsis for ABSENT in good shape and am read to start sending them out. Having a distraction to keep me from obsessing over responses (positive, negative, or lack thereof) will no doubt be a Good Thing.

I’ll try to post some updates while I’m away.

In the meantime, stay cool and keep on truckin’

Bits and bobs

Some thoughts in random order on a hot Monday morning:

1. What is it with colds this year? I mean really. This about the 8 bazillionth cold to grace the Suri household since last fall. Are we particularly pathetic or is there some super-strain of virus out there making its bid for the destruction of humanity? Either way, depressing.

2. The mother-in-law has departed after a week-long visit. Waaay behind on my work. More slogging through ABSENT synopsis revisions and redrafts today. I know there must be a perfect, brilliant way to capture my 91K word novel in 1K words…I JUST KNOW IT.

3. I also have what might be a cool idea for a new short story about computer science and music and life in a post-apocalyptic airship adrift over an endless ocean. And a lottery and mysteriously vanishing children. So, maybe I’ll take a crack at that today.

4. Still thinking about Man of Steel a week after having seen it. Possibly this is due to Henry Cavill’s pecs, but I also really enjoyed the film — especially the first half. Am I alone in this?

5. I went to the Farmer’s Market this weekend and brought home a bounty of fresh, delicious fruit and veggies. They’re all gone now. Farmer’s Markets should be all the time and not just Saturdays. Just sayin’

6. My cat is about to bite me. I suspect I’d better go play with him if I want to live.


Happy 4th of July!

Ah, 4th of July! A day of sleeping in. A day of the smells of BBQ and smoke drifting down the street from the park. A day of heat and the threat of rain. A day of afternoon drinking and all day eating. A day of remembering that even though our country has improvements to make, we have many wonderful freedoms too.

In short, a day of awesomeness.

Happy 4th of July, one and all.