The Nebula nominees

Hey all, in case you haven’t seen the list, the Nebula nominees have been announced. Congrats to all the nominees!

I have to say, I haven’t read as much off the list this year as I’d like. I made it partway through Neil Gaiman’s “Ocean at the End of the Lane” and just finished (and looooved) the Golem and Jini by Helene Wrecker. But that’s it! (*hangs head in shame*).

Anyone else read any of these books/novellas/shorts, etc? Care to share particular recommendations?

Guess I’d better get reading!

Nebula Nominations

SFWA has announced the Nebula nominees for 2011 — and not only are some of my recent favorite books and stories on the list, but also some of my friends!

First, a huge shout-out to Ferrett Steinmetz, a fellow Viable Paradise (VP) alum and member of one of my writing groups, for his novelette Sauerkraut Station.  Another VP alum, Jake Kerr is nominated for his novelette, The Old Equations, and fellow Superstar Writing Seminar alum Brad Torgerson is up for his novelette, Ray of Light.

I was also excited to see Daughter of Smoke and Bone (by Laini Taylor) nominated for best YA novel; I just finished this one a few weeks ago and looooved it (review to come soon), as well as the always-awesome Mary Robinette Kowal for her novella, Kiss Me Twice, and N.K. Jemisin for her novel The Kingdom of Gods.

A HUGE congrats to all the nominees!

And the Hugo goes to…

SFWA has just announced the winners of this year’s Hugo awards.

They are:

Novel – Connie Willis “Blackout/All Clear”

Novella – Ted Chiang “The Lifecycle of Software Objects”

Novelette – Allen Steele “The Emperor of Mars” (Asimov’s)

Short story – Mary Robinette Kowal “For Want of a Nail” (Asimov’s)

Best New Writer – Lev Grossman

For the rest of the winners in other categories, and to see the nominees, check out this link to the SFWA page.

Did your favorites win, or were you hoping for a different outcome?

Procrastinate, my precious

I’m a busy bee today, so I’ve put up a few links to distract you from whatever you’re supposed to be working on.  Never say I don’t do my part.

The SFWA blog on putting a price tag on your ideas (or not).

Chuck Wendig on how to avoid starvation and death as a writer.

Some advice for bloggers from Kristen Lamb.

A new Writing Excuses podcast on making the reader feel fear for your characters.

Have some great links of your own to share?  Post ’em in the comments…and happy procrastinating, my dears!