New Story Out and an Update

Checking in with a quick update today, as I have a new short story out in Issue 6 of Mothership Zeta. Yay for new fiction released into the world!

In other news, I am humming along in my recovery from Hodgkins Lymphoma. Well, really it is recovery from the effects of chemotheraphy, as I never even felt sick from the cancer, just the cure 😉

I’ve started back to work at Queens College and am so happy and grateful to be in the classroom again. Some days it is a struggle, as my energy and health continue to fight their way back, but I love having a semblance of normality in my life, especially since I have, unfortunately, been diagnosed with a second cancer.

That sounds dire, I know, but I promise it isn’t! The scans I received while having my lymphoma treatment turned up evidence of cancer in my thyroid. It’s likely I’ve had thyroid cancer for years and might not ever have known if not for the lymphoma. It’s a very slow growing cancer and not always fatal, even if untreated. Still, I’m going to have my thyroid surgically removed over Spring Break, just to be on the safe side. Once that’s finished, I will be able to begin my long term follow-up and get another scan to confirm that the lymphoma has not returned. So, that’s what is going on with that.

Life goes on. I continue to write and knit and try and enjoy each day as much as I can, even when I’m tired or feeling down that the cancer journey continues. After all, even the bad days are ones I might not have gotten to have.

Also, we adopted a new cat! Her name is Riley and she’s completely adorable. Hard to believe someone would have abandoned her, but I’m happy to say she’s settled right in and is bringing a lot of joy into our lives.

So, that’s the update. Solider on, friends…and read my story in Mothership Zeta!


3 thoughts on “New Story Out and an Update

  1. Betty Smith

    I am so upset and disappointed in your recent diagnosis of thyroid cancer. I know it is highly treatable and is not as concerning as other cancers, but Lord almighty you need this like a dog needs a fifth leg. C’mon REALLY!!? That damn chemo really wrecks your immune system and it is a known fact it leaves you wide open for other cancers. I’m wondering if your treatment prompted this. Well shucks. I am so very sorry you are going to have to put up with having to go through another protocol of chemo/radiation or they will probably just do the radiation for thyroid cancer.
    Anyway, on a happier note I will look forward to seeing you at the wedding. 😔💙Betty

    1. mirandasuri

      Hi Betty! Thanks for you note 🙂 Fortunately, I will probably only have to have surgery for this cancer. It is possible there will be a small amount of radiation for follow up, but not chemotherapy. Based on the size of the tumor, they think I’ve probably had the thyroid cancer for many years. In fact, if not for the scans I had for the lymphoma, they may never have found it! So, maybe it’s a silver lining? Anyway, look forward to seeing you this weekend!

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