Bits and Bobs

Lots of little items I’ve been meaning to post to the blog lately. Here they are, in no particular order!

1. I’ve got a new academic publication out. My other hat is as an archaeologist and a professor. From time to time I write and publish articles that make the scholarly world quiver with delight. Oh, yes. Here’s my latest, titled Relationality, Corporeality, and Bioarchaeology (Cambridge University Press) co-authored with bestie and frequent collaborator, Pamela Geller. It examines the way we theorize, analyze, and interact with human remains.

2. As I’ve recently sent a novel off to Beta readers and will, soon after receiving their feedback, be preparing it to venture into the world (all naked and vulnerable and desperate for love), I’m brainstorming ideas for my next novel. Whee! Not sure what direction I’ll head in, but am currently exploring space pirate territory. Also want to work archaeology into this one somehow. Stay tuned.

3.  It’s the end of the semester, which is awesome but also awful. Awesome, of course, because it means a nice long break from my horrid commute is fast approaching. Awful because everyone is stressed out and I will soon have a very large pile of exams to grade. Boo. BUT I was at least able to change my final exam date from Dec. 23rd (I mean, really!) to the 19th. So, that’s a Christmas miracle for you right there 🙂

4. Holidays! We, of course, have had our glowing Tree of Happiness up for awhile now.

Tree of happiness
Tree of Happiness! See how it glows?

Soon we’ll take it down again and begin our westward migration (which I call Westward Ho Ho Ho!) to spend the holidays with my family. There will be lots of festive dinners, several more glowing Trees of Happiness, lots of adorable nieces, and plenty of wrapping paper to tear into. Can’t. Wait.

So, I’m probably signing off until the New Year. In which case: Happy Holidays and Happy New Year to you all!!