And then there was none

…and by none, I mean no more cancer cells trying to kill me! That’s right, 11 months after being diagnosed with not one, but two, cancers, I got my CT scan results and they came back clean. I am officially cancer free!

I actually got this news via phone seconds before take-off on a flight home Monday night. I spent the first half of the flight sobbing uncontrollably. Fortunately this did not cause the flight attendants to beat me up and throw me off the plane (I wasn’t flying United, thank goodness 😉 and instead led them to give my husband and I complimentary wine to toast the great news.

The first thing I blurted to my husband after the crying died down was, rather stupidly, “WE’RE GETTING DOUG BACK!”, a line from a pretty inane film (the Hangover) but one I always think of when I get that rush of delirious joy as a bad day, week, month (or in this case, year) starts to turn the corner.

I will, of course, being undergoing follow up scans on a regular basis for years to come, and, of course, the cancer could return. But, honestly, that’s a chance that all of us face whether we’ve had cancer before or not. It is a stupidly cruel and random disease and I don’t want to live my life (which I get to keep living!!!) being afraid of it. So, hopefully for the last time ever, I say this: FUCK YOU CANCER. I PUNCHED YOU IN THE FACE AND YOU DIED. COME BACK AT YOUR OWN RISK.

Thanks again to everyone who has supported me, both from near and far and in big ways and small, during this most difficult of years. I know who you are and I won’t ever forget it.

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