Starting 2018 with a story

2017. what is there to really say?

For many of us, myself included, it was a terrible year. The world caught fire. Ugly things came out of the darkness. Progress many of us believed made was shown to be as ephemeral as the wind.

For many of us, though, myself included, 2017 was also an amazing year. I beat cancer. I become a mom. I wrote some of my best work.

All we can hope is that 2018 is going to bring more of the latter and less of the former. In fact, “hope” is not the right word. Instead, let me say, we will MAKE the change we need. If 2017 has shown us anything, it is that we can’t be complacent anymore.

So, a few things to mention in the I’LL BE SEEING YOU AGAIN IN 2018 column:

I sold two short stories, one of which is available right now from Abyss and Apex Magazine. It’s got runaways, hitchhikers, desperation, space ships, and redemption. Go read it! The other story will appear in an anthology on abandoned places later this year.

I also revised one book and wrote another. That sentence looks short and unassuming, but both projects were a lot of work, especially while fighting cancer and preparing for a new baby!

Perhaps my most rewarding project of 2017, though, was this one: Alek Marcus Suri.

He’s cute, right? No matter what 2018 brings, it’s going to have this guy in it, and that’s all I can ask.