About Miranda

IMG_7930Miranda Suri writes speculative fiction, and has recently put her life of archaeological globe-trotting on hold to raise her rambunctious two-year old. In the tiny sliver of time when she’s not writing or mothering, she can be found indulging one of her hobbies, which include knitting, practicing Pilates, and gardening.

Her writing has appeared in anthologies and magazines, including Abyss & Apex, Mothership Zeta, Flash Fiction Online, Penumbra, Electric Spec, Every Day Fiction, Fictionvale, and Pseudopod.

Contact her via email at:  mirandasuri at gmail dot com.

Follow her on Twitter:  MirandaSuri.

Miranda holds a PhD in Anthropology from the University of Pennsylvania and has published a number of articles (under her maiden name, Miranda Stockett) on her archaeological research in Honduras.  One focuses on sex and gender in ancient Mesoamerica, another looks at spatial patterns and social practice, another at  ritual and identity in prehistoric Honduras, and another examines the role of social memory in the construction of power strategies. Her latest publication considers how we theorize, analyze, and interact with human remains. She’s also co-edited a book on Feminist Anthropology.