Crazy days and happy holidays!

Almost a month has passed since I’ve updated the blog and it feels like it’s been about two days. The last four weeks have been a whirlwind of travel, writing, and end of semester kookiness.

Travel. After dealing with a really annoying bout of vertigo (thank you, wonderful world of migraines!), I finally decided I wasn’t putting my love of travel on hold any longer and made plans to visit my friend Pam in Miami. Good decision! The dizzies were unaffected by air travel and Miami was warm and zany. We ate lots of good food and poked fun of and enjoyed (in roughly equal measure) the ridiculosity of Art Basel.

Writing. As regular readers know, I participated in NaNoWriMo in November. While I didn’t “win” (whatever that means), I did clock about 35K words on a new novel. This momentum has carried me in to December and I’m having a blast working on the new project.

End of Semester Kookiness. Yeah. There’s not much to say here other than to note that the semester is ending, which always brings out the kooky. The students get stressed. There’s lots of assignments due and exams, which means lots of exam prep and grading for me. I try to take it in stride, but sometimes the general air of anxiety on campus is infectious. We’re down to the last few days (my finals are this Thursday and Friday), so the end is in sight. It helps that the weather has been absurdly warm, making my hour and a half subway-bus-walk commute to Queens more pleasant than usual.

Now, of course, the holidays are ramping up. My parents are coming to visit this year. Yay! Brooklyn Christmas! I’ve got my tree up, have wrapped most of my presents in Star Wars wrapping paper, and have planned parties and festive activities up the wazoo. All we’re missing is a sexy leg lamp to put in the window. Oh, and snow. It’s projected to be 66 degrees on Christmas Eve this year. So, that’s not weird or anything.

I still have approximately four million research papers to grade and two exams to emotionally fortify myself for. In the meantime, have a glass of spiked eggnog on me, and (if you celebrate Christmas) be sure you stay on Santa’s naughty list (if not, be sure you stay on someone’s naughty list. Anyone’s, really).

Crazy days, and happy holidays!

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