14. 41. 61.

That’s 14 days until Virgin Gorda, 41 days until San Antonio, and 61 days until Italy.

Today, of course, is a day with an important number too. It’s the first day of Spring. El numero uno. Also, here in New York, a snow day. Naturally.

So, also naturally, I’m dreaming ahead to warmer days. I love the onset of spring because it’s also typically the time of year I start traveling a lot. And I do love to travel. Travel is hope and excitement and inspiration. It’s something to look forward to and work toward and dream about.

Travel makes home better and more cherished and it makes the world bigger and smaller all at once.

Love to travel. Love it. Did I mention LOVE?

My upcoming trips run the gamut from an annual father-daughter trip nearly 15 years running, to a writing workshop, to a vacation with my husband. There will be lazing in the sun with a Caribe in my fist, working and networking, hot air ballooning, wine consuming, and plenty of sightseeing.

So, as I brace myself against the latest (last? PLEASE BE THE LAST) snowfall, I am keeping just three things in mind: 14, 41, and 61.

Oh, and also the number 21, which is the chapter I’m currently on as I work my way through novel revisions. So, do your worst, winter! I am busy at my keyboard and keeping my eyes on better days to come.