Miranda’s Writing


What We Found in Issue 65 of Abyss and Apex (January 2018) and in The Best of Abyss and Apex: Volume 3 (November 2019).

The Last Light in Abandoned Places: Stories (March 2018)

Over and Over, Until the End in Issue 6 of Mothership Zeta (February 2017).

Norwegian Waffles (for weekends, before or after the apocalypse)  a recipe in the June 2015 issue of Flash Fiction Online.

“Reversal of Fortune” in Issue 3 (June, 2014) “A Different Outcome” Fictionvale Magazine

“The Firefly Girl” in Volume 3, Issue 6 (March 2014) “A Night at the Villa Diodati” Penumbra  **Tangent 2014 Recommended Reading (1 star).

“A History, In Reverse” in the Dec. 28th, 2013 issue of Every Day Fiction.

“Discarded” Published in Volume 8, Issue 4 (Nov. 2013) of Electric Spec.

“The New Arrival” Published in Volume 5, Issue 4 (Nov. 2010) of Electric Spec and available as a podcast on Pseudopod (August 2015).


Review of The Last Light on SFF Reviews

Review of Discarded on Fantastic Reviews Blog.