Bits and bobs

Some thoughts in random order on a hot Monday morning:

1. What is it with colds this year? I mean really. This about the 8 bazillionth cold to grace the Suri household since last fall. Are we particularly pathetic or is there some super-strain of virus out there making its bid for the destruction of humanity? Either way, depressing.

2. The mother-in-law has departed after a week-long visit. Waaay behind on my work. More slogging through ABSENT synopsis revisions and redrafts today. I know there must be a perfect, brilliant way to capture my 91K word novel in 1K words…I JUST KNOW IT.

3. I also have what might be a cool idea for a new short story about computer science and music and life in a post-apocalyptic airship adrift over an endless ocean. And a lottery and mysteriously vanishing children. So, maybe I’ll take a crack at that today.

4. Still thinking about Man of Steel a week after having seen it. Possibly this is due to Henry Cavill’s pecs, but I also really enjoyed the film — especially the first half. Am I alone in this?

5. I went to the Farmer’s Market this weekend and brought home a bounty of fresh, delicious fruit and veggies. They’re all gone now. Farmer’s Markets should be all the time and not just Saturdays. Just sayin’

6. My cat is about to bite me. I suspect I’d better go play with him if I want to live.


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