In which she weeps softly

It’s been a rough start to the week, as I seem to have brought the Bubonic plague back from Las Vegas with me 😦

Yesterday was the start of the semester, and though I was sick enough that I probably should have stayed home, it felt somehow wrong to cancel the very first day of classes. So, I went. Honestly, the power of adrenaline is quite amazing — I felt pretty good while I was in class — but after and in between…oh, no. It was bad.

I was feverish and incoherent by the time I got home and I woke up this morning wrapped in a cocoon of my own phlegm (TMI? Yeah, probably). So, it looks like a day in bed with Mr. Ramses for me (incidentally, Ramses’ most favorite moments in life are the days Sid and I are sick and he can lay in bed with us like a lump. My pain is his gain, apparently).

I have a bunch of course prep to work on and hopefully I can get some writing done and there’s a soccer match on at 2pm, so the day won’t be a total loss.

But, this post basically boils down to: I’m home sick in bed. I’m bored. Please entertain me! Please?

3 thoughts on “In which she weeps softly

    1. mirandasuri

      Yes – am planning to go to the Paradise Lost workshop in San Antonio later this spring. Very much looking forward to it. I may also head up to Boskone in a few weeks. You?

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