This, that, and the other thing

Things have been busy around here of late.

We’re well into the semester (midterms are this week!) and it’s beginning to get cool and crispy and fall-like around Brooklyn, which I love. This is, hands down, my favorite season in New York. Spring is too short and gets hot and humid fast, but fall lingers with all its lovely, orange-y light. Halloween is coming (which we celebrate with a big party) and then it will get cold and I’ll drink lots of foamy hot cocoa and start thinking about Christmas with my nieces, and eggnog, and cross-country skiing in the mountains.

First, though, gotta get through grading those midterms! 😉

Lest you think it’s all been school and fantasizing about the holidays, I’ve also been keeping the flame burning on the writing front. I recently finished, polished, and subbed a new short story and have reached the 60K mark on the first draft of PROJECT AWESOME. I’m projecting this draft will clock in at around 90K, so now it all feels like running downhill (or so I’m telling myself).

Perhaps most exciting is that this week is MileHiCon and I’ll be flying out to Denver on Thursday to see a whole big bunch of my favorite writer-folk! Yay!

So, yeah – happiness on a sunny, cool Monday.

What’s new with you all?

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