Five Things

Five things that are new with me:

1. I just found out my short story REVERSAL OF FORTUNE was a semi-finalist in the Writers of the Future contest.

2. I’ve started reading a new book that I can’t bear to put down — the DARWIN ELEVATOR by Jason Hough.

3. Drafting progress on PROJECT AWESOME falls into the “not too shabby” category this week. I’m about 52K in, so a little more than halfway there.

4. I watched the pilot episode of Agents of SHIELD. Aside from some pretty painful ‘as you know, Bob’ crap near the beginning, it was fun. Am I the only one with a little crush on Agent Coulson?

5. One of our friends has found a way (totally legal, I’m sure) for us to watch the new series of Downton Abbey as it airs in the UK. We watched the first episode last night. To avoid being a Spoily-McSpoilerson for my friends here in the US, all I’ll say is: “Oh, Lady Mary, really?” and (with maximum exasperation) “Oh, Cora. For the love of God!”

And, that’s all from here, folks. What’s new with you?

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