The semester cometh

Well, less than a week to go and then I’m back on the Merry Go Round again.

In many ways, I’m eager for to the start of the semester. Summer is always wonderful, and it’s great to have three whole months off, but I find I work better and harder when my schedule is full. It can be all too easy to pawn work off until the next day when you feel like you have infinite time.

Plus, it’s energizing to be in the classroom and around the students.

Since I’m teaching two classes I’ve taught many times before, prep work shouldn’t be too onerous this semester (though I always like to tweak and change things up), which should make this fall a productive few months for writing. At the beginning of the year, I set a goal to not only finish drafting PROJECT AWESOME but also to send it to readers and revise it. With a little over 40K written, I think that’s an achievable goal if I continue to work hard.

On this novel, I’ve had the great good fortune to have a fellow writer reading along chapter by chapter as I draft. Her feedback has been extremely helpful in allowing me to dig deeper and weave in more complexity on the first pass than I might otherwise. Her comments always really make me think about the details and how they’re building arcs (or failing to do so!) and that makes the novel so much stronger. I can’t thank her a enough 🙂

So, my goal for the remaining 6 days before the start of classes is to try and hammer out another 10K.

Better get writing!

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