The words

Well, I would apologize for not updating in a week, but I feel that I have a good excuse. I’ve been writing a lot, you see, and as a consequence haven’t had a lot of words left for the blog. There are only so many in the mines, after all.

What have I been writing, you ask? Well, many things, actually.

I’ve been making great headway on the first draft of the current novel (Project Awesome, which is a dark Urban Fantasy). I’m about 40K in and trying very hard not to obsess and over-think and rewrite too much (which is typically my wont). I’m just trying to get it OUT and on the page and trust myself and my outline.

I’ve also got a few new shorts going. I recently finished a draft of a moody little character study that I’m kind of in love with and am outlining the concept for another short that features a curse breaker with a hoarder mother and takes place in an abandoned prison. For those who follow the blog regularly, you know I’m more of a long form person and don’t write that many short stories, so two in one week is rather spectacular for me.

I think my recent burst of writing energy has come from the realization that in a mere 13 days the semester will begin. Ack! This means my unlimited summer writing time is fast drawing to a close. Soon I’ll be neck deep in teaching and spending far too much time on the G train. So, gotta take advantage while I can.

Complicating matters, unfortunately, is the amazingly beautiful weather we’ve been having. Brooklyn in August is typically very hot and humid and gross, but for some reason this year it’s been on the warm side of mild, sunny, and relatively dry. The temptation to blow off work and go for long walks is hard to resist.

Sooo, that’s where I’ve been and what I’ve been up to.

How about you?

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