A day in the life

On deck for today:

5:30am: I wake up to the sun, groan, roll over and attempt to go back to sleep

8:30am: husband throws cat into the bedroom. Mayhem ensues. I get up.

8:30-now: Tea.

9:30am: make chocolate pots du creme and chill for tonight’s dinner party

10:30-noon: Write, you fool!  Write!

Lunch – chicken and black bean burritos or sandwiches of Serrano ham, Manchego, and quince paste?

1pm: More writing

2:00-3:00: go to the Y and fling self around pathetically on the elliptical machine. Weigh self. Cry.

3:00-4:00: clean up the apartment

4:00-7:00: prepare dinner (antipasti of grilled marinated artichokes, cornichon, marinated mushrooms, and olives; Thomas Keller’s fried chicken; beet, potato, and soft boiled egg salad with mustard dressing; Schramsberg Reserve champagne; and the aforementioned chocolate pots du creme)

7:00-onward: dinner party!

later: clean up 😦

So, yeah.  That’s my day.  What’s yours like?

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