Writer’s Workspace 6/14

Hey-o, dear Reader! Welcome to this writer’s workspace. Here’s what’s happening liiiiiiiiiiive at Miranda’s desk.

What I’m working on: as a final editing pass on ABSENT, I’m currently reading the entire novel aloud. This is the first time I’ve done this particular exercise for a novel (though I do it a lot for shorts). It’s quite illuminating and is really helping me pick up little errors, find things that are off with voice, and so on. Fun stuff. As far as writing goes, though, the last few days have been devoted primarily to non-fiction. My colleague Bill McFarlane and I are working on an article on our recent archaeological research in pre-Columbian Honduras. In case you were wondering what kinds of stirring prose go into an academic article…here’s a…

Snippet from the screen: “A sketch of the past practices within Sinsimbla and the Jesus de Otoro valley is beginning to emerge. However, as this image comes into focus, it raises far more questions than it answers, especially with regard to the nature of inter-valley interactions across southeastern Mesoamerica.”

Breathless to read on? Well, who can blame you? Not I.

On the iTunes: you can’t rock the archaeology without some rockin’ tunes. Right now Whitesnake is screaming “Here I go Again” at me.

In my mug: the usual grog – Chinese Breakfast tea from Numi. Don’t mess with a classic, I say.


Keeping me company: Ramses is exploring the wild world of freshly folded laundry. He finds he approves. A lot.

Out the window: so far, summer seems to be one long rainy day. It’s overcast, cloudy, and wet. Still, it hasn’t pulled the ole 95 degrees, 95% humidity trick yet. That’s something!

A little procrastination never hurt anyone: Lies! Still, here are a few links to distract yourself with: first up, more bad news on the climate front! Disaster! Flooding! Second, supercool glowing clouds! and, finally, an article from the New Yorker on how the culture of privacy in America is fading.


A day in the life

On deck for today:

5:30am: I wake up to the sun, groan, roll over and attempt to go back to sleep

8:30am: husband throws cat into the bedroom. Mayhem ensues. I get up.

8:30-now: Tea.

9:30am: make chocolate pots du creme and chill for tonight’s dinner party

10:30-noon: Write, you fool!  Write!

Lunch – chicken and black bean burritos or sandwiches of Serrano ham, Manchego, and quince paste?

1pm: More writing

2:00-3:00: go to the Y and fling self around pathetically on the elliptical machine. Weigh self. Cry.

3:00-4:00: clean up the apartment

4:00-7:00: prepare dinner (antipasti of grilled marinated artichokes, cornichon, marinated mushrooms, and olives; Thomas Keller’s fried chicken; beet, potato, and soft boiled egg salad with mustard dressing; Schramsberg Reserve champagne; and the aforementioned chocolate pots du creme)

7:00-onward: dinner party!

later: clean up 😦

So, yeah.  That’s my day.  What’s yours like?