2015 under clear cold skies

and just like that, another year rolls in.

The end of 2014 was, frankly, a blur from beneath a mountain of used tissues and discarded Sudafed pods and I’m still trying to regain my equilibrium.

But, a few things help, like my short story The Firefly Girl making Tangent Online’s 2014 recommended reading list as a one star (you can see the whole list here, and buy The Firefly Girl here) and finding out my horror story The New Arrival will be podcast on the superb Pseudopod later this year. Yay and double-yay!

Also exciting are preparations to dive into the final revision of Project Awesome after collecting a big pile of helpful Beta reader comments over the holidays, brainstorming ideas for the next novel, and generally thinking about a whole new year of writing possibilities.

Here’s to 2015, lots of words, and no more Sudafed.

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