The words! They will not be stopped!

Since returning from my writing retreat in Philadelphia last weekend I have been on freaking fire. Not literally, of course, but you know!

While at the retreat I drafted a new short story that I’m kind of totally enamored with. Since getting back, I’ve revised it, written a new piece of flash fiction, reworked an older short that needed some love, and FINALLY finished the editing pass I was slogging through on one of my novels. All in one week! (and believe me, there was plenty of loafing around and watching crap on Hulu and such mixed in there for good measure). I’m feeling mighty.

It’s always stimulating to produce new work, and I really think getting the fresh material flowing provided a necessary break from editing and revising, enabling me to to return to that reinvigorated. Productive Writer is productive!

Plus, in a week I’m leaving town for two and a half weeks to camp and excavate at an archaeological site in Missouri, during which (let’s be honest) not a lick of writing is getting done. So, nice to be killing it now.

So, back to work!

Over and out.

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