Summer begins?

I’m leaving town tomorrow and heading to Philadelphia to spend some time with fellow writers, catch up with old friends, and eat my way through the culinary delights of the city of Brotherly Love — assuming, that is, I can get the last of my grading done. The semester is over, but like a bad rash its aftermath just won’t go away. I’ve got a couple delinquent research papers and exams still to mark and grades to submit. But soon…yes, soon I shall be free.

Summer. Much-anticipated and filled to the brim with goodness. Unfettered time to write (or in the case of this summer’s plan, revise Project Awesome). Trips to Seattle and Norway to look forward to. Even a short excavation season coming up in June and July to keep the inner archaeologist sated. Only three months, but so much awesomeness!

Yes, once it truly begins, this summer should be a delicious one.

Until then, back to the grading mines!

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