Monday, Monday

I have a cold, and it’s rain/snowing outside, and — well — Monday. BUT there’s writing to do and course prep and no time to feel sorry for myself.

Today is the very last day to submit to Women Destroy Fantasy! so I must get my shiny new fantasy story specially written for this call all dressed up and sent out the door. Also, I had a giant eruption of words on the final chapters of Project Awesome over the weekend, but they are crazy all-over-the-place words that need some editing. So, I guess there will be plenty of spit and polish on the writing front today.

With two weeks to go until Spring Break I also have to bring the shiny on the work front. It’s a tough time of the semester because we’re all — professors and students alike — itching for a break. Everyone drags around campus looking weary, and as a Prof. you’ve got to bring extra energy to class. So, there’s some work to be done to make sure I don’t just bring germs to class this week, but also JAZZ HANDS! Or something like that.

At least we’ve been checking boxes off on the home front. Taxes are done, thanks to a marathon session this weekend. We’ve also booked our summer extravaganza trip to Norway. Fjords! I’m excited.

So, that’s my Monday — editing, polishing, mustering enthusiasm, and fighting a cold!

How about you?

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