Missing Boskone

I was supposed to be up in Boston at Boskone this weekend, but I’m not. And it’s making me very sad.

Because of the relentless snow and ice, Amtrak canceled my train Friday and couldn’t rebook me in time to make the trip worth the money it would cost to go. A friend offered to drive me, but I’m a coward about long drives (especially in bad weather) after a near-death car accident. So, damn Amtrak, and damn this weather, and damn my own debilitating foibles.

On the upside, I did get to spend Valentines Day with my husband (who I’ve barely seen lately because of his work schedule and my travel schedule). So, that was nice. We’ll try to make the weekend fun (in spite of another snowstorm heading in later today), but it still won’t be Boskone.

I’ve definitely been feeling trapped and cooped up lately. I had to cancel classes on Thursday because it was too treacherous to commute (both for me and my students) and aside from a few trips to the Y and to Pilates, I haven’t much left the house in days.

What did the guy in the Shining do when that happened to him? Oh, right. Hmm…

You’d think all this TRAPPED AT HOME time would be good for writing productivity. But it hasn’t been. I’ve been restless and irritable and every time I sit down to work my characters annoy me and the words come slowly and get deleted a lot and then I turn on the Olympics instead.

Clearly I needed an adventure this weekend, and a change of pace. And now my adventure has been canceled and I’m feeling very poopy about it.

*crosses arms and makes a disgruntled sound*

Perhaps I will venture out into the storm and choose my own adventure today in NYC.

Yes, perhaps I will.

Stay tuned!

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