The Fridays

It seems I have a case of the Fridays.

I have a million things to do today, yet somehow I find myself listlessly surfing the web instead.

There is, for instance, an article manuscript a colleague and I have been flogging all week (which is, incidentally, due today) that I needed to start revising (again) ten minutes ago, but which I ignored in favor of Morning Spoilers on iO9. Decision-making at its best, clearly.

Also, I’ve got two new places lined up to send ABSENT, but they both want a synopsis of under 250 words–basically the only length of synopsis I haven’t yet written (I’ve got versions that are 2 pages, 4 pages, and 1 paragraph, but not 1 page…of course). I even got as far as opening a blank file for that one, but the siren call of Facebook lured me away. I mean, someone may have posted a cat picture or something. It’s important to stay up to date.

I have, as well, a whole boatload of food to cook today, which I’m taking to some friends who just had a baby. I’m excited to cook the food and even more excited to see my friends, but I passed the kitchen with no more than a contemptuous glance on my way to the holy shrine, er, I mean computer. Here I sit, clicking through friend’s blog posts about how productive they’re being. Hmmmm.

And we will not mention the horror that is readying myself for classes, which technically don’t start for two weeks but because of a self-inflicted travel schedule of insanity I have only 3 working days for which to prepare.

It’ll all work out, though…right?

While I’m pondering this, maybe I’ll go see what’s up on Entertainment Weekly, possibly read a recap of a show I’ll then go watch on Hulu even though I already know exactly what’s going to happen.

That’s a good use of my time, after all.

Like I said, folks. The Fridays.

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