Buried Alive

Just a quick missive from the grading mines to let you know that while I’m slowly being borne down into the pits of Hell by exams, I believe I will make it out alive. I believe I will survive, shedding the skin of one stale semester and emerging fresh and whole in the New Year.

Alternatively, I might perish – crushed into oblivion under the weight of multiple choice questions, True/False quandaries, and red ink.

Either way, I plan to have eggnog and cookies by my side. If I go down, I’ll go down fat and fighting!

In all seriousness, I’m closing out 2013 late this year. I still have one final exam to administer tomorrow afternoon, a long plane ride out to Seattle, and plenty o’ grading to pass the time en route. But then it’s vacation!

Family (Sis and brother-in-law! Gam Gam and Pop Pop! Adorable nieces!), food (yes, there will be pictures of the gluttony), lots of Pilates and relaxation and writing (I haven’t given up hope of finishing the first draft of Project Awesome by the end of the year), and even some x-country skiing (if the snow cooperates).

How about you all? If you celebrate, what holiday plans do you have in store? If you don’t celebrate, how will you be wrapping up 2013?

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