A sale!

I’m happy to announce I’ve sold my story DISCARDED to the online speculative fiction magazine Electric Spec. It should go live sometime around the end of the month, and I will most certainly share a link when it does.

In the meantime: YAY!

I got the inspiration for DISCARDED when Sid and I visited an installation art exhibit on Governor’s Island. The story is about a dragon sculpture who also happens to be an aspiring artist and the interest he takes in an NYPD officer framed for murder. I’d describe the genre as sort of urban fantasy, sort of magical realism. It’s got a special place in my heart and I’m so happy it’s found a home.

This won’t be the first story of mine Electric Spec has published. My first sale, a horror story titled THE NEW ARRIVAL, was also to this market.

So, that’s my exciting news for the day. Now I’m off to a prepare a review session for my students and teach a lecture on the Aztec.


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