Margaret Thatcher: gut reaction

Margaret Thatcher has passed away and the internet is full of people who feel the need to share with the world whether her death makes them “glad” or “sad”.


Why do people feel this urge? From whence springs the need to comment on whether you are pleased about a person’s death? It makes no sense to me, yet every time someone prominent dies people seem to feel compelled to chime in with a thumbs up or down.

Be glad someone is or is not in office. Be glad they are or are not working for a company or publishing a book, or posing a criminal menace to the world.

Thatcher was a divisive political figure, no doubt. She was a powerful woman, which many find a cause to celebrate and some a cause to bemoan. She was unquestionably a person people had opinions about. Let’s share our opinions about what Margaret Thatcher accomplished in her lifetime and whether we find those accomplishments positive or negative.

But being glad or sorry she died?

Come on, people.

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