Taking stock, looking ahead

2012 was a pretty good year in writing for me.

  • I had one novel (BLOOD RED SUN) out on sub to just one agent in 2012.  She requested a full before passing.
  • I had 8 different short stories out to market (for which I garnered 39 rejections — of which 7 either included personal notes from the editor or stated that the story made it to the final round). I also received an Honorable Mention from the Writers of the Future Contest.
  • I wrote 6 new short stories.
  • I researched, outlined, and began drafting a new novel, PROJECT AWESOME, (of which I’ve written 30K).
  • I revised an ongoing novel project, ABSENT.  This included a complete 80K rewrite, followed by submission to readers, followed by another rewrite, which is currently underway.
  • In total, I estimate that I wrote approximately 250,000 words this year.
  • Sadly, I did not sell anything, but — hey — it’s a marathon, not a sprint!
  • I attended 1 con (Readercon) and 2 writing retreats (one in Dallas and one in San Antonio).

So, what are my writing goals for 2013?

  • I intend to finish revisions on ABSENT and begin subbing it to agents and editors.
  • I intend to cycle through the whole process (write, send for feedback, revise, repeat) on PROJECT AWESOME and get it out the door to agents and editors by the end of the year.
  • I vow to write and submit 7 new short stories (gotta top last year!).
  • I’ll probably keep my con attendance to just Readercon, but who knows?  So far I’ve got 3 writing retreats lined up (back to Paradise Lost in San Antonio, a group retreat in Colorado, and a women’s writing retreat in Vegas in just a few weeks).
  • …and, though, I have no direct control over whether I sell any work this year, I will keep writing and subbing to maximize my chances of success.

So, 2013…bring it on!

What are your writing goals for the New Year?

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