A plan of action

It’s been a tough few months around the Suri household.  Lots of stress, very little writing.  But, our lives are beginning (slooowly) to get back to normal, and I have devised a plan of action to get my writing back on track as well.

I’ve got two major novel-length projects in the works, revisions to a (hopefully) final draft of ABSENT, my archaeological time travel novel, and penning a first draft of my dark urban fantasy, Project Awesome.  In each case, I have planned and outlined what needs to be done, so all that really remains is revising and drafting.

For awhile I was trying to work on them side-by-side, revising ABSENT in the mornings and drafting Project Awesome in the afternoons.  The problem I encountered (aside from insufficient time) was shifting POV and voices.  The protagonists of each novel are wildly different, as is the tone of the two projects.  I’d be working on one character but thinking like the other.  Not good.

So, the new plan is as follows.  I’m going to take the month of October to revise ABSENT.  With luck and hard work, I think this should be doable.  Some sections need to be completely rewritten and others drafted from scratch, but a lot of the novel just needs light revision.  So, I think a month of nose-to-the-grindstone might just do it.

Then, in November, I’ll ride the NaNoWriMo train to the end of the first draft of Project Awesome.  I’ve written about 30K thus far, so another 50K (the NaNo “goal”) is about right to come close to a finished draft.

Focusing in on just one project at a time should, hopefully, keep me on task even if my writing time is interrupted by dealing with family stuff and day-jobbery.

That’s the plan, at least 😉

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