Gloriously unrealistic goals

In four days time I’ll be boarding a plane bound from JFK to Nice, France.  That leaves me 4 days to complete the second draft of my archaeological time travel novel, ABSENT, thereby making my self-imposed deadline.  I’ve probably got about 30K to go, which means I’ll need to write/revise around 7.5K per day (not counting teaching classes and getting ready to go on vacation).  So, I probably won’t make it.  But if I love anything, it’s a lost cause.  So I’m pretending I can make it.  I’m going for it.

Because if I do succeed, I bet I’ll enjoy my time here a whole lot more:

To finish, I’ll obviously have to ignore everything but writing.  Soooo, that means I’ll see you, Dear Reader, on Thursday.

Anyone else out there gunning for a wildly unrealistic goal this week?  Do share.

5 thoughts on “Gloriously unrealistic goals

  1. efkelley

    Finishing the draft of Demon 2 this week.

    I also think you’re being unrealistic about your destination. Everyone knows France isn’t Nice.

  2. Robyn

    My unrealistic goal for the week: Chuck Wendig’s challenge! Actually, not that unrealistic. I wrote my first draft after acro. And I’ve done them before, so I know it’s possible.

    I bet you could finish the edit, if you had some free four-hour blocks.

    Totally enjoy France!

  3. mirandasuri

    Good luck, Robyn & Eric!

    What’s slowing me down is that it isn’t just an edit; I’m rewriting (from scratch) vast swaths of the novel. Slooow going. I only managed around 3K yesterday and so have fallen rather far behind already 😦

    Oh well, the only way through is forward!

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