3 thoughts on “The Sinister Distractor Monkey

  1. seamusbayne

    Chuck is pretty awesome. Of course he has nailed it on the head. I think we would all like to have these really complex reasons not to write, but ultimately you either write or you do not. If you are not writing, that is okay, but quit with the excuses that allow yourself to claim some kinship with writers. Writers write, players play, haters hate, fish swim, and water is wet.

    I am willing to allow some contention on the frequency of writing, there are plenty of famous and wonderful writers who are molasses slow in their process, but for the most part if you are not writing you are not improving and not moving closer to your goals.


  2. Kristin Riggs

    1 and 5 resonate with me. I find I am very discipline when it comes to getting my netflix movie back into the male the day after I received it and finishing the stack of ten books I got from the library before they are due. But writing no, it is like housework, I think about doing it all the time, but I rarely get around to it.

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