May flowers and other nice things

Woosh! Another month is gone, leaving behind only allergies and promises of a sticky summer.  May was a busy, hectic, tumultuous month around the Suri household.  Here’s a run-down on the good, bad, and ugly:

1. I wrote approximately 14,000 words on the first draft of ABSENT, my archaeology time-travel novel. Yay!  This is good progress from April and also means I’ve entered the final 1/3 of the novel.  Home stretch, baby!

2. I’ve got 5 short stories making the rounds out there.  Meanwhile, BLOOD RED SUN is still waiting on a response from Angry Robot.  Queried 3 more agents this month as well.

3. Critiques were relatively slow this month; I completed 6 for my various writing groups.

4. World-building on my urban fantasy series (book 1 tentatively titled CONSUMED) is coming along.  I’ve had a few writing buddies take a look at what I’ve got so far and their suggestions have been very helpful in terms of developing my ideas for this series.

5. Books, books, books.  I read 4 this month, including “In the Garden of Iden” by Kage Baker, “Native Star” by M.K. Hobson, “The Diamond Age” by Neal Stephenson, and “Hounded” by Kevin Hearne.  Nothing compared to the 11 books I tore through last month, but not too shabby.

6. Probably the biggest news, and thing that has most been hindering my writing progress this month, is that the hubs and I are in the process of attempting to buy our first ever home (a 3-bedroom apartment in Park Slope).  Squee! (also: terror). Hopefully more concrete news to follow next month.

7. I finished out the spring semester at Queens College, administering both a second midterm and a final exam this month.  I thus wrote and graded 240 exams this month.  Though I love, love, love my day job, I’m not going to miss the long commute.  Adios until the fall, Queens!

8. Along with friend and writing buddy George Galuschak, I attended a reading at the New York Public Library, featuring John Scalzi, Cat Valente, Scott Westerfeld, and Lev Grossman.  It was awesome.

9. No travel this month, though I am departing for a short trip to Miami today, so I guess I snuck a little travel in under the radar.  You know, dear Readers, how I like to do that 🙂

10. Finally, my poor, benighted exercise regime.  Since I tore my hamstring I’ve visited various orthopedists and learned I have some minor spine issues that are causing weak back and leg muscles.  I’ve begun physical therapy (with a super-serious Eastern European trainer who likes to sternly tell me “It vil be fine” whenever I whinge about something hurting).  I must say, I feel MUCH better already and will hopefully be back to running before the summer is too far gone.

So, that’s May in a nutshell for me.  What did you get done this month?  What are your goals for June?

2 thoughts on “May flowers and other nice things

  1. Vlad

    After reading your post, I feel like a total slacker 🙂

    I’m seriously hoping to find an oasis of motivation and hard work in June.

  2. NicoleMD

    I’m flabbergasted by your 4 novels read in a month and 11 is just nonsensical to me. I didn’t even finish the one novel I had to read this month!

    Good luck with the house! Sounds exciting. 🙂

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