Look at the shiny!

*Sticks head into large empty room full of dust bunnies*  “Hey, anybody in here?”  *voice echoes like an insane ghost trapped in a funhouse*  “Well, crap.  The last person out could have at least turned off the lights.”

Okay, I’ve got four days until the end of the month and the world ends I reach my self-imposed deadline to finish and send out Blood Red Sun.  The blog, I know, is suffering.  *beats self around head and neck*

So, in a pathetic attempt to atone for the recent drought, I’ve managed to round up some fun, shiny links to share.

First, head over to Genre for Japan.  They are live auctioning all sorts of amazing stuff and the proceeds will benefit the survivors of the Japanese earthquake/tsunami/reactor meltdown/general catastrophic horribleness.

On her blog Practical Free Spirit, Amy Sundburg writes about the ways that writing has changed how she thinks.  I read this and thought: hey, yeah!

For your daily funny, Chuck Wendig explores the myriad ways writers are like rabid, dangerous animals who should be approached with caution in his post Beware of Writer over on Terrible Minds.

For those of you feeling like being productive, click on over to Writing Excuses and check out the latest podcast–this one focuses on writing action scenes.

And, since I promised shiny, a fire-breathing robot dragon.  For reals.

Okay…aaaand, back to work.  See you in April.

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