Writer’s Workspace: 11/10

Good morning!  Welcome to this writer’s workspace.  Here’s what happening liiiiiiiiive at Miranda’s desk:

What I’m working on: Revisions to the second draft of my novel “A Blood Red Sun.”  I’ve made it nearly to the midpoint of the book and am gearing up for the next major section that needs work – the big battle where the protagonist loses spectacularly.

Snippet from the screen: “The little girl studied him a moment longer, weighing things.  He waited.  The light was almost gone and night would soon fall.  Shadows nibbled at the girl’s edges, swallowed up the hut whole.”

On the iTunes: “Heart of Gold”, Neil Young

In my mug: cold dregs of Dunmore East Irish Breakfast tea

Out my window: dishwater-gray sky, the last of the fall leaves.  Brooklyn seems torn between malingering in late fall and proceeding into early winter.  I say: make up your damn mind!

Keeping me company: The Overseer (aka Mr. Ramses, my very fat cat)


"The Overseer" keeps an eye on me from the kitchen

That’s all from here, folks.

What are you working on?

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