Blog Rising

I’ve been doing some dithering, and even some hemming and hawing.  But I’ve finally decided it’s time to start my own blog.

So, you may be wondering:  what am I going to blog about?  What gems do I have to share with the world and thus with you, dear Reader?

Well, I’m a writer of speculative fiction, following the tap-tap of my laptop keys through worlds fantastical, science fictional, and macabre.  This blog will be about my writing life.  I’ll share my thoughts on learning and mastering the craft of writing, on giving and receiving critiques, and on my experiences as I journey the fraught and often peril-filled road towards becoming a professional writer.  I’ll even post occasional snippets from whatever I’m working on…just for your special reading pleasure 😉

If you write, chances are good you also consume books whole, devouring them like they’re covered with  bacon, or maybe chocolate (you know, if bacon’s not your thing).  I certainly do.  So I’ll weigh in from time to time on the books I’m reading and the books I’m avoiding and on the general state of speculative fiction.

Finally, since the writing life cannot be separated from the “day job life” and the “home life” and…well, you get the idea…I’ll also venture to comment on these intersections if the mood so strikes.  You just never know.

So….stay tuned!

3 thoughts on “Blog Rising

  1. Adam Rogers

    This is great Miranda! I’m so glad you are doing this. Funny thing is that I was just tinkering with the idea of doing the exact same thing with some stuff I’ve been working on. I can’t wait to see what you come up with.


  2. Steve Buchheit

    Welcome to the blogosphere. One word of advice, work out early what your willing to discuss and what you won’t. And control your online personality. You’ve met the Scalzi in person. Notice how his online personality is different.

    Also, be brave. Finally, this blog is you own house. When necessary imploy the Loving Mallet of Correction. Teresa’s moderation rules are a good place to start.

    Good luck!

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