Some questions for you

Summer seems a good time for blog maintenance, so I’ve got some questions I’d like to throw out to you, dear Reader.  If you’d take a few moments and leave your thoughts in the comments, I’d really, really, REALLY appreciate it!

Over the last year and a half, I’ve blogged about a range of topics – including:

Of these topics and features, which do you like best or least?  Which would you like to see more of and which make you groan when you click through to the blog and find them at the top of the page?

I’ve also considered adding new features to the blog.  Maybe weekly writing prompts or link roundups, for example.  What kinds of things do you wish I was blogging about that I don’t?

How often do you read the blog and how regularly would you like to see new posts?

I’d also love to know a little bit about you.  How did you find my blog in the first place?  Who are you and what interests you?  If you have a blog you think I should be reading, include a link!

Overall, I’d just love to hear what you’re thinking.  What do you enjoy about the blog and what would you like to see change?