Writer’s Workspace: 1/8

Good morning!  Welcome to this writer’s workspace.  Here’s what’s happening liiiiiiiiiiiiiive at Miranda’s desk:

What I’m working on: In a few short weeks I’ll be attending a writing retreat (in Vegas! with friends!), for which I must prepare a submission for critique.  So, today’s labor is to polish up the first 9,000 or so words of my latest novel project (“Absent”) and write a synopsis and brief outline to go along with it.  I need to get this done asap, as the Saints play Seattle this afternoon.  Go Saints! (apologies to my hometown…)

Snippet from the screen: “Emily felt a faint wave of embarrassment.  She’d always envisioned her office outfitted with a big comfy armchair, not a hard plastic one looking like an escapee from a 1970’s warehouse of institutionalized furniture.”

On my iTunes: “Why Don’t We Do it in the Road” by The Beatles

In my mug: English Breakfast tea

Is it just me, or is a diet in order?

Keeping me company: After our trip to New Orleans, Mr. Ramses has been extra snuggly – and just as lazy as ever.

Out my window: Gah! More snow!  (weeps softly)

Since the ugly heaps from the snowpocalypse last week were starting to melt, this is demoralizing.  Seriously, the sidewalk was only beginning to reemerge – and with it a host of scary things buried for more than a week.  About a block from our apartment, I saw a pile of snow receding to reveal a moldering mattress.  I kid you not.  This newest dusting created more ice than anything else, but also coated several Christmas trees left on the curb for recycling, as well as a sofa and love seat set.

Ah, life in the city.

Okay, Suri, focus.  Assuming I can get my chair back from Mr. Ramses, there’s work to do.


Well.  I was skeptical, but the dire pronouncements of the weatherman appear to have come true.  We woke up this morning to this:


Those bits of dark against the snow across the street are buried cars

The snow is still blowing sideways out there, so I don’t plan to venture out for awhile (especially since, with windchill, it is 7 degrees).  My parents, who were visiting us for the holidays, had their flight canceled yesterday and won’t be able to return to Seattle until Wednesday.

Fortunately, we’re up to our eyeballs in leftover prime rib and sweets.  Its warm and cozy in here and we’ve got a stack of DVD’s from Christmas presents.  I think we’ll be just fine.

Here’s the Overseer’s take on the matter:

"Please do not bother me. I'm melting into the radiator cover here." - Mr. Ramses

(this is his usual take on things, of course)

Given our snowed-in state (even the undauntable subways are barely lumbering along), I may just get a bit of post-Christmas word count in today and start chipping away at those 2011 goals.  How’s that for optimism?

Who else is snowed in?