When life gives you lemons

I no longer know what to do with all these damn lemons!  I’ve made lemonade.  I’ve put them in my tea.  I’ve preserved them,  and pickled them, and grilled them, and dried them.  I’m all lemoned out.

This has been, hands down, one of the worst stretches of bad luck I’ve had in a long while.  I’ve now been sick for a month – one nasty cold virus after another.  Coughing, hacking, phlemy misery.  I dragged my sorry behind in to school to teach classes on Thursday and paid the price.  Two whole days with no voice whatsoever.  My fever came back.  I had to cancel my trip to San Francisco, where I was supposed to present a paper at the American Anthropological Association and meet up with one of my best and oldest friends.

I am, without doubt, feeling very sorry for myself.

A few upshots, though.  My foggy head has cleared enough the last few days that I’ve been able to tackle a little writing.  I’m making some progress on my revisions to ABSENT and have also resuscitated an old novelette about post-apocalyptic treasure hunters — sort of Indian Jones meets Tomb Raider meets Firefly.  That’s been fun.

While Sid and I are both suffering (he’s been ill too), Mr. Ramses is in heaven.  He’s delighted that someone other than himself seems to want to spend all their time in bed.  He’s been a fat, snuggly companion while I recuperate.

Sad to say, but that’s all the news from here.  Sick. Minimal (but improving) writing progress.  Happy cat.

What’s new with you?

Sick day

Looks as if this weekend’s festivities proved too much for my delicate constitution.  I woke this morning sick 😦

Stuck in bed with only Mr. Ramses for company, I’m taking advantage of the imposed quiet time to catch up on all the work I’ve been ignoring the last few days.

8 (of 20) research papers remain to be graded for my Ancient Mesoamerica class.  Final grades need calculating.  I may spend some time with the book I received at our holiday party yesterday (“How Soccer Explains the World”).  And, of course, progress on the second draft of ABSENT must be made.

While I’ve been actively pretending the papers in need of grading do not exist, I’ve made good strides on the novel draft.  I’ve revised the first third of the book quite thoroughly and am generally really pleased with the results.  I dive now into the treacherous, ever-shifting ground of the novel’s dreaded middle when the characters find themselves marooned in Ice Age Wyoming.

I’d best get done what I can today, as tomorrow looms the dreaded final exam in my World Prehistory class.  I’ll then have 80 exams to grade and likely little time to write till they’re done.  Then it’s off to Seattle for the holidays with family and then to the Napa Valley for a long overdue vacation with the hubs.

What are you up to as the days of December dwindle?  How will you be spending the last minutes and hours of 2011?