The Return, Part II

I’m back, again, in New York, and thus end my whirlwind travels for the summer.

Only 6 days after returning from Italy, I headed out again to visit my family in the Pacific Northwest. It was everything a summer vacation should be: warm, sunny, and relaxing (see gallery below for evidence).

Now it’s time to buckle down and get to work.

I have a number of projects lined up for the coming months:

1. Finish polishing my current project

2. Educate myself about astronomy via several Coursera classes

3. Brainstorm, outline, and begin drafting my next project (which will draw on the aforementioned classes)

4. Get ready to participate in the Writer’s Digest Annual Conference and Pitch Slam, taking place here in New York at the end of July

5. Work on my new blog, a site devoted to gluten-free recipes that don’t involve the use of unhealthy, yucky, scary substitute products (more to follow on this as it develops)

And I think that’s enough to be getting on with.

To work!

Homeward bound

Bon Voyage, Readers! Today I’m jetting off to the lovely Pacific Northwest to spend some time with my family.


I’m looking forward to:

Lazy, sunny days at my parents’ house on Vashon Island

Long walks with the family puppy

Hanging out with my two adorable nieces

Spending a few days eating, hiking, and kayaking on Lummi Island

Camping and hiking at Mount Rainier

And, of course, sneaking in writing time whenever possible

This trip is good timing, as I think I’ve finally got my query letter and synopsis for ABSENT in good shape and am read to start sending them out. Having a distraction to keep me from obsessing over responses (positive, negative, or lack thereof) will no doubt be a Good Thing.

I’ll try to post some updates while I’m away.

In the meantime, stay cool and keep on truckin’