Writer’s Workspace: 12/12

Good morning!  Welcome to this writer’s workspace.  Here’s what’s happening liiiiiiiiiiiiiive at Miranda’s desk:

What I’m working on:  now that the semester is nearly over, I’m beginning to find a bit more time to write.  Two things are on the table at the moment:  the ongoing revisions to the 2nd draft of ABSENT and outlining for my next novel, tentatively titled TROLL UNDER THE BRIDGE.  It’s exciting to be emerging from under the pile of lectures, exams, and papers and starting to refocus on my writing.  Here’s an excerpt from ABSENT for your reading pleasure:

Snippet from the screen: “Nick hunched at his desk.  A half-eaten egg-and-cheese congealed nearby in its wrapper.  It was late on Tuesday afternoon; late enough that the streets outside the precinct would be painted with long, reaching shadows; late enough that Happy Hour couldn’t be far off.  Nick glared at the burned, acid-smelling cup of coffee stagnating in his fist and considered how much better a shot of whiskey would taste.”

On the iTunes: Okay, admitting this is admitting that I (occasionally) watch Glee…but I really like their recent re-imagining of the 80’s classic “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun”.  It’s slow and mournful and really like a whole new song.  I’ve been playing it a lot, I confess.

In my mug: Numi Organic Breakfast.

Keeping me company:  Since there is construction going on in the apartment upstairs from ours, Mr. Ramses has spent most of his time hiding in dark corners and shooting truly pitiful looks at anyone who happens to stumble upon him.  So, no company for me today.  The construction is loud and distracting, but the upshot is that the building developer is letting me use an unsold, staged apartment in another building as a hide-out while the work is going on.  It’s cool – kind of like squatting, but in a really fancy house.  Best of all, because the units aren’t sold yet, there’s no internet to distract me.  In fact…I think maybe I’d better head over there right now 😉

A little procrastination never hurt anyone:  before I go, I have two links to share.  First off, the New York Times posted an article yesterday about these amazing photographs by French photographer Cédric Delsaux.  They portray industrial landscapes with a post-apocalyptic feel superimposed with images from Star Wars.  So Cool.  In a more writerly/readerly vein, check out my friend Cath’s list of her favorite books of 2011.

Okay.  Miranda Out.