Maine, chaos, and the week ahead

We’re back from our trip up to Maine and Acadia National Park. It was truly amazing. Acadia is a fantastic park with breathtaking views, quiet forests, beautiful lakes, the calls of loons and gulls, and plenty of lobster. We stayed in this rustic, charming cabin with our friends Jeremy and Miro (and their dog Kafka) and made lots of fires in the fireplace and watched the milky way spin under cold, cold skies at night. It was awesome and I feel restored and ready to face the new semester and all the chaos it brings.

And, indeed, coming back from vacation always seems to mean being flung into the spin cycle, mid-spin. I’ve got the first real week of classes to teach (we had one, odd-man-out class on the 28th, then nothing till now) and am leaving (again!) for Kansas City to do work on my archaeological project on Thursday. In the meantime, I have to take my cat to the vet (again!) and restore order in our house after a week away. It will be busy. But busy is good.

In the meantime, here are a few pics from our trip to keep you entertained:

A runner

School has just begun. Summer is waning and fall is upon us. And I’m pulling a runner.

I’m up at the crack o’the morning to get on a plane, fly to Portland, Maine, rent a car, tool up the coast, and spend four days here:

Looking at Long Pond from near the summit of Beech Mountain - Click to enlarge

Or, more precisely, in a cabin at one end of this lake near Acadia National Park. Our friends Jeremy and Miro have preceded us with their dog and report that the cabin is ‘rustic but not too rustic’, that there are loons singing outside, and that the rain is predicted to end today. They also report that cell service is possible if one walks to the end of the dock, holds their phone in a praying mantis pose and hopes the planets are aligned. So my online presence is likely to be minimal the next few days. Terrifying, and refreshing.

I plan to eat lobster, drink wine, hike, and take a deep cleansing breath as one season ends and another begins.