A good title goes a long way

I’m crazy busy getting caught up after being away from the office for 10 days…so there’s not much time for deep and thoughtful blog musings today.  But, I did want to share this great link to Cat Rambo’s blog (thanks to Steve Buchheit for directing me to it).  She talks about the importance of a great title (something I know I’m not alone in struggling with).

Titles can be a real pain to come up with and are often given little to no thought.  Yet, they are the first hook the reader encounters.  Knock them out of the park and you just may sell the reader before they even read the first sentence (of course, the rest of the story needs to live up to the promise of the title…but that’s fodder for another conversation).

Cat advises writing the title last, which makes an awful lot of sense.  I, however, always feel directionless with the first page of my manuscript reading “Untitled”.  Then, once I slap something on there to make it feel less naked, I often end up getting attached to it, even if it’s awful.  Quandary.

What are your title travails?