The year in review

It’s a week till Christmas and New Year’s Eve is just around the corner, so I thought I’d take a look back at what I have and have not achieved in 2010.

1. I wrote more than 130,000 words this year (on two novels and 4 short stories)

2. I published my first short story (“The New Arrival” in Electric Spec) – though the story itself was written in 2009.

3. I accrued 33 rejections on 5 short stories (3 written in 2009, 2 written in 2010).

4. I attended one Con – Readercon (in Boston)

5. I completed 53 critiques for my various crit partners

6. I sent out zero agent queries (I’d hoped to have my novel “A Blood Red Sun” completed and ready for querying before the end of this year)

7. I taught 170 students about the mysteries of World Prehistory at Queens College.  This included giving 60  lectures, and grading 1,020 exams and 1,360 quizzes.

8. I traveled to the British Virgin Islands, England, Scotland, and Spain

9. I took up the electric guitar, played in a band, and wrote and performed an original song for the first time (for a good giggle, check it out – I’m in the back, on rhythm guitar).

10. I made plans with my husband to consider buying an apartment and new furniture, but have done neither.

11. I read 62 books

What have you done (and not done) this year?